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Norfolk Terriers

The game and hardy Norfolk terrier, with expressive dropped ears, is one of the smallest of the working terriers. It is active and compact, free moving, with good substance and bone. With its natural weather resistant coat and short legs it is a "perfect demon" in the field. This versatile, agreeable breed can go to ground, bolt a fox or tackle and dispatch other small vermin, working alone or in a pack. Honorable scars from wear and tear are acceptable in the show ring. (Courtesy, Norfolk Breed standards, AKC)


We have owned and raised Norfolk terriers at Walnut Hill Farm since 1990. Our first Norfolk was Champion Hobbitshire Anne of Abbedale from Joan Eckert of Abbedale Kennels. Our bitches have one litter per year. Our puppies are farm raised in our kitchen, our garden outdoor pup pens and in a big roomy box stall and are handled, socialized, and played with daily. The Norfolk is a wonderful, clean little dog who loves being with people, hunting, and riding in cars and on carriages.  Most of all the Norfolk terrier wants to be next to his or her human.



For more information on Norfolk Terriers, please contact:


American Norfolk Terrier Association

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