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Anatomy In Motion

Anatomy in Motion™ is a site for equestrians, with information on the equine and human body and how they work together in all forms of horsemanship. We offer clinics and demonstrations including the popular Visible Horse, Visible Rider™, Centered Riding®, Centered Jumping® and Centered Driving® , Anatomy in Motion videos, and other horsemanship educational materials.


  • Anatomy in Motion™: The Visible Horse and The Visible Rider ™ information, articles and unique visuals on horse and human balance, movement and biomechanics.


  • Centered Riding® and Centered Driving®: what they are and how they can help people and horses.


  • Clinics and Presentations: Peggy Brown’s Clinic Schedules, Bios, types of clinics and information for clinic organizers.


  • Illustrated articles by Peggy Brown and Susan Harris.

Anatomy in Motion Videos

Now available as streaming videos!

Anatomy in Motion Videos (The Visible Horse and The Visible Rider) are now available as streaming videos from Trafalgar Square Publishers. They are no longer available on DVD or sold on this website; please follow the links below to Trafalgar Square Publishing. When you buy the streaming video, you will own the streaming rights to this program to view whenever you wish on any device—computer, phone, tablet, television, etc. These streaming videos are available internationally.

Link to Trafalgar Square Publishing:  

To order streaming videos:

Anatomy in Motion 1: The Visible Horse:      

Anatomy in Motion 2: The Visible Rider:


Copyright Notice:  ALL IMAGES AND  ARTICLES ON THIS SITE, INCLUDING PHOTOS AND ILLUSTRATIONS, ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT. They are the property of the author(s) and may not be reprinted in part or as a whole without the express written permission of the author. You may download these articles for your own personal use, but you may not sell, distribute or incorporate them into your own work, use them for commercial purposes, or display them on any other website without first obtaining permission in writing from the copyright owner Peggy Brown. Anatomy in Motion™, The Visible Horse and The Visible Rider demos, images, videos and names are trademarked and may not be copied or reproduced.

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