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About Peggy Brown

Peggy Brown is an Level IV Centered Riding and Centered Driving Clinician from Toledo, Ohio.  She holds a Bachelor degree in education and has trained horses and riders for more than 30 years at her stable, Walnut Hill Farm.  Peggy’s strong belief in good foundation training and application of physical education techniques to riding and driving, has helped her students succeed at both local and national championship levels.  


Mrs. Brown, a versatile clinician, has joined with Susan Harris to present clinics and demonstrations in Centered Riding, Centered Driving, Anatomy In Motion, safety, instructor training, and horsemanship throughout North America, Australia, Europe, Iceland, Egypt and the UK.  She is certified with the American Riding Instructor Association as an Instructor Educator and Expert Instructor in multiple disciplines, and serves on the ARIA’s Testing Staff.   Mrs. Brown and horse Ulie, competed in western, hunt seat, jumping, and dressage competitions as well as driving competitions, and were long-listed with USET for three years in Advanced Combined Driving.   Peggy Brown has published articles in several equine magazines including The Whip and The Chronicle of the Horse.  In 2005, Peggy Brown was honored as Riding Instructor of the Year by the American Riding Instructor Association.

As a clinician and teacher, Peggy Brown helps riders learn more about their own bodies, how the rider's body affects the horse's body, and how to learn to use their bodies in a way that allows clear and balanced communication with their horse. She has developed groundwork and dismounted exercises for riders to improve their performance in the saddle and in driving. As an accomplished whip, pleasure driving competitor, advanced combined driving competitor and driving instructor, Peggy has pioneered the application of Centered Riding principles and methods to Centered Driving, resulting in greater safety, communication and harmony with the horse, and enhanced performance and enjoyment. She has also been instrumental in developing an improved harness saddle which enables horses to use themselves with more freedom and better movement. Peggy's goals are to help horses improve their performance and comfort level by helping their riders, no matter what their age or body type, began to see themselves as athletes in a sense of using their bodies wisely to improve their riding skills, prevent injury, and to be able to continue a lifelong pursuit of the sport of riding and driving.

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